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  • 03 juli 2023

Margaret Killjoy on Political Science Fiction - podcast Onderstroom


Hey luisteraars, Onderstroom is eenmalig  in het Engels, omdat we een interview met Margaret Killjoy uitzenden! Het is daarnaast een samenwerking met de podcast Radio Kookpunt! Omdat het interview al in het Engels was hebben we de intro vooraf ook maar in het Engels opgenomen, zodat het geheel bij elkaar past. Volgende maand zijn we gewoon weer terug in het Nederlands!

Ik wil met Onderstroom meer afleveringen maken rond het thema van radicale verbeelding, worldbuilding en storytelling, dus blijf ons volgen op Youtube, Spotify, via de website of waar je ook maar podcasts luistert.

Hier de engelstalige introductie:

Onderstroom changes things up this month! First off, this month's episode features the interview with the amazing Margaret Killjoy on political Science Fiction and what it gives our movement. The interview took place at this year's Pinksterlanddagen festival! Secondly, this episode is a collaboration between Onderstroom and Radio Kookpunt. Rafel and Alex interviewed Margaret Killjoy together, so we added a joined intro and posted this whole episode as a collaboration. Thirdly, for that reason we're doing this whole episode in english, including the extra introduction added before the interview. So stay tuned and enjoy!

We start this episode setting the stage, Rafel and Alex introduce their podcasts and the setting of the interview. They talk about the oldest far left event in the Netherlands, the Anarchist Pinksterlanddagen! We introduce the event and give some context before switching to the theme at hand: Margaret Killjoy and political science fiction writing. They also talk a bit about their own interest in political science fiction.

After this short introduction we go over to the interview with Margaret Killjoy on political Science Fiction. Margaret talks about her experience in the Netherlands, about how she became a fiction writer, how she moved to science fiction in particular and the difference between independent zine writing and officially published writing. We talk about the political relevance and potential of science fiction, about how her writing has changed over time, and how this affects what her books try to do. The episode ends with questions from the audience, which include discussing movement strategy as a podcaster, and the difference between telling stories in podcasts and in books.

As interviewers, we enjoyed doing this interview immensely and hope to see and hear Margaret again!