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  • 01 juli 2024

The Left in Germany and Hamburg - Podcast Onderstroom


 Germany and Hamburg with1

This newest episode of Onderstroom is in English, a crossover with the podcast Nächste links! They do most of the talking in this podcast about the left in Germany and Hamburg.

The left in Germany and Hamburg:

Timo and Vince from Nächste links tell us all about what the far left in Germany looks like, they dispell a few myths along the way. Then they describe the situation in Hamburg, known to be a particularly left wing city.

Next we talk about the far right in Germany, and how they gained so much influence.

The conversation then turns to new developments and opportunities on the left, such as Solidarisch in Groepelingen. This is directly followed by more problems when we talk about government repression against the far left, particularly within migrant communities.

Finally, we discuss a topic that often has people outside of Germany and Austria baffled, the Antideutsche linke, which is a group of German (and Austrian) people on the far left, but who support the state of Israel in its genocidal campaign in Palestine. There are more podcasts about the Antideutsche linke, included in the links below

I hope you enjoy the episode, as this one is in english, don't forget to send it to all your international friends and comrades.

Tot volgende maand!

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